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Interaction between physicochemical properties of Tremella fuciformis and myofibrillar proteins

Tremella is a kind of fungus with high nutrition and medicinal value in China. The polysaccharide obtained from the fungus fruit body is considered to be the main component of the fungus of Tremella fuciformis. Tremella polysaccharides (TPS) can be divided into five categories: acid polysaccharide, neutral polysaccharide. , acidic oligosaccharides, cell wall polysaccharides and extracellular polysaccharides, while mannose is the main component of Tremella polysaccharides. Relevant has been published in July 2017 "BIOACTIVE CARBOHYDRATES AND DETARY FIBER" on 1.73 (2015).

Today, low-fat foods are becoming more popular in food consumption. Polysaccharides are now considered to be the most effective fat substitutes in the production of low-fat meat products. Therefore, understanding the interaction between polysaccharides and myofibrillar proteins is a necessary step in the development of new meat products with enhanced properties and low fat.

The content of sugar, uronic acid and protein in TPS.TPS was 92.17%, 0.60% and 0.73% by hot water extraction method. The UV results showed that there were small peaks at 260 and 280 nm, indicating that there was a small amount. The protein.TPS enhances hydrogen bonding in the myofibrillin-TPS gel. This effect can improve the hardness and WHC of the myofibrillin-TPS gel.

The results show that TPS can enhance the degree of cross-linking of myofibrillar protein gel, thereby inducing an increase in G' and forming a tight network structure. FI-IR measurements of myofibrillar proteins revealed some interaction between TPS and myofibrillar proteins. Therefore, TPS can significantly improve the properties of low-fat pork muscles and has a good application in the development of low-fat meat products. Further research is needed to confirm the benefits found in this study.

References: Zhang Yakun, Qiang Zhang, Lu Jie, Jin Long, Zhang Xuhua, Wang Junhui. (2017) Physicochemical properties of Tremella polysaccharides and their interaction with myofibrillar proteins. Bioactive Carbohydrates and Alkaloid Dietary Fibers, 11, 18-25.
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